Premiere Rush Guided Workflow — Exporting: Save video to your device

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Feb 10, 2020 Feb 10, 2020

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Save video to your device

To save your video to your local device:

  1. Click Share in the top toolbar and then click Local.
  2. Under Settings, you can specify the following options:
    1. Filename: Edit the filename of the video or retain the default filename, which is the name of the sequence.
    2. Save to: Specify the location for saving the video.

You can then proceed to click Export, or you can choose to tweak the advanced settings.



The advanced settings default to the best settings based on the type of video and social media destination. You usually do not have to modify these settings, unless you have a specific video requirement.


Preset: The default preset on all platforms is Automatic where Resolution and Frame Rate are set to AutomaticAudio Channels is set to Stereo, and Quality is set to High. However, you can select any preset from the drop-down list based on the nature of your video and your publish destination. 


The following elements define a preset. When you change any of these elements, the preset automatically becomes a custom preset. After you create a custom preset, you can save the preset. 


Preset component What it means
Resolution Various resolution options are available depending on the type of video and publish destination.
Frame Rate Various frame rate options ranging from 23.976 fps to 60 fps are available.
Audio Channels You can choose between mono, stereo, or no audio options.
Quality Set the quality of the video. While setting the quality, keep in mind that high-quality videos take up more hard drive space and can take longer to load if viewed over the Internet.


To save a custom preset, click the Save Preset icon next to the Preset pop-up menu. Name your preset and click OK. Your custom preset is now available for you to use from the Preset pop-up menu. 


  1. Click Export: Premiere Rush renders your video, using the export settings you have chosen and saves it in the location you have specified.


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