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Mar 24, 2021 Mar 24, 2021

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One of my remote learning students is having an issue with Premiere Rush, and I've tried about everything I can think of to troubleshoot it from my end so I'm hoping for someone to have a miracle fix here.


The project involves cutting footage to music from a provided batch of 25 video files and one music track. All students have the same media, but this student is the only one reporting an issue. Each day she works on her edit adding additional clips to her sequence. Yesterday she had about 1:15 of content edited. Today when she opened the app, 30 seconds of her clips had simply disappeared from her timeline. She's been having this problem regularly over the past two weeks, sometimes she gets a spinning blue wheel when trying to quit the app, other times not. She has been using track locking to try and prevent accidentally deleting linked clips between the tracks, but that doesn't prevent the files from disappearing between sessions.


Troubleshooting we've already tried:

  • Restarting her device
  • Logging out and back in to her CC account
  • Creating a new Project and starting from scratch
  • Deleting the Rush App and reinstalling it
  • Checking for updates
  • Checking for iOS updates - she's on 14.4
  • Verifying that Sync was turned OFF for the project
  • Confirming that the media files were saved onto her device and not on the cloud


In the meantime I have her exporting her project at the end of each work session so she can import that file as a failsafe if clips disappear before her next use - but obviously that's not an ideal situation.


Ready to try any other suggestions that I might not be thinking of!

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