Premiere Rush 'Speed' (fast motion above 100%) disrupts timing of Audio

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Jul 10, 2020 Jul 10, 2020

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I want to start off saying I love this program and have made hundreds of quick videos with it. I love the simplicity for me to prioritize the speed and simplicity of producing quantities of videos instead of getting bogged down with Premiere Pro. However, whenever I try to change the speed with fast motion the audio of the entire film does not align properly and I have to start over. Undoing 'ctrl Z' the fast motion edits results in the sound still being off afterwards for what was working before. Closing and re-opening the file does not fix this either. Seperating the audio does not fix the problem, even when I try to realign it manually.


Furthermore, I'm not sure I can save out a safe work-in-progress copy seperately before making these kinds of edits because of the way saving is set up (maybe there is a way to do this but I haven't looked too much into it). However, I have found a workaround by applying fast motion to the entire film and rendering it seperately I can then plug the portions I need into the film. I would prefer if this feature worked properly and I didn't have to do this seperate step as it is comparatively time consuming.


In addition, the 'Ramp' button to accelerate and decelerate into the speed function would be wonderful to use, but again, any use of this button (slow motion below 100% speed as well) will result in the audio of the entire project permanently disrupted and starting over. Again, I have found seperating the audio is useful in a lot of cases but does not solve this particular problem.


Finally, I would like to request a new feature for Rush (unless this already exists and I do not know how to do it) of being able to 'Reverse' film to play portions backwards as it is a usually very common feature of film editing software. I could of course do this in Premiere Pro I believe without too much hassle but because my films are more about speed in my case and not important enough to be going to this trouble of rendering seperately and plugging in I have not been doing this.

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