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Jul 03, 2020 Jul 03, 2020

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I've used rush now for about 50 hours and I love it for certain things (render preview speed is great!) and am surprised by other things that are missing or could be improved. Here are my observations and I hope the great people of adobe will get their eyes on this feedback!


I think this product is great for beginners, but I would consider myself an intermediate user, where Premiere Pro is "too big" but Rush is "too small".


Observations and areas of improvement.


Actual video effects

I was surprised to see no video effects existed in Rush. We have video overlays, and color correctors (that are *chefs kiss*). But to my surprise there was no way to add video effects like :

  • Simple motion tracking (apps like tiktok and snapchat can do it, i'd like my software to be able to do what social medias can)
  • Background blurs/fake depth
  • General movements of camera (quaking, vibrating, liquid, stretch, etc.)


Motion graphics customization

Motion graphics are good. If you're comfortable with hacking them you can come up with really interesting results. That being said the motion graphics lag in their customization of... the motion! We can only modify it's general appearance. Right now, instead of having 1 motion graphic that moves up, or down, or sideways, you actually have 4 copies of the same graphic with different animations. Weird that you can't just "pick" the direction from the contextual menu of a single motion graphic.


Also most graphics will only have 1 style of animation, it would be nice if more flexibility of type and effect of the motion graphic was available.


"Copy effect" feature

Maybe my use case is not the most common one, but iI film videos of about 50 minutes, and trim them down to about 15-18 minutes, this means A LOT of cutting of a single footage into 100-200 little morcels that last a few seconds each.


Now the issue is that I decided AFTER splitting the video to... resize an position it differently on my screen. Can I tell you I had to click on those 200 clips individually to type out the new x/y axis and resize ratio. I was surprised there was no way to resize ALL or SOME clips by selecting them, or selecting their layers. I was also surprised the same thing happened with audio. I had to modify the volume of the 200 clips individually as well.


A freature that would allow to "paintbrush" a style (crop or audio) of a clip onto other ones would be quite time-saving! For the moment I have learned I need to make those design choices at the beginning of my project.


Zoom in/out

i found that - and = are the keys to zoom in and out of the timeline. I'd also like this ability to be achieved with my mouse. At the moment, I always need to let go of my mouse to zoom as the keys require my right hand (on the mouse). This on-off mouse motion really slows down my editing speed. I think having a "ctrl + scroll" in feature would be good. Similarly, a feature like in Ableton Live where by simply clicking and dragging the "ruler" of the timeline to zoom in and out can be quite intuitive as well.


Final note :


Overall I've really enjoyed my first big experience with Rush. It's great and will continue using it! I think it has great potential and am already excited to work on more projects in there. I think for a product oriented towards "social" types of videos, Rush could benefit from imitating the visual effects and features social medias like Instagram/Tik Tok and many others have built in, so that it can truly be a complete solution for creators!


I hope other people find these comments interesting and I encourage you to give me tips if you feel some of my issues above could be fixed by something I missed in Rush!






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