Transitions are flashing after rendering

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May 28, 2020 May 28, 2020

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Describe the issue you encountered :

I wanted to have different pictures shown each one shown after the other one. Transitions should be soft for about 1 second. In the Mobil Rush App it looks fine. But after rendering some of these transitions are bad and some are as wanted. The bad transitions are as follows: they are not soft, but jumping from the first picture to the second and back again (quickly like a flash), then slowly to the second. It looks like a short flash where I can see a wrong picture instead of the smooth transition, which I wanted.

How can we reproduce your issue :

Yes, the issue can be reproduces. I had this issue in different projects with different pictures and videos. To reproducte you have to start the rendering and then you will get this issue. Re-Starting the rendering a second time would reproduce the same "flashing" effect again and again.


Tell us about the video project that you were editing:

I captured my videos and photos with my Fuji Camera and transferred them to my mobile phone with a Fuji App. The pictures which arrived on my mobile phone are JPG and movies mp4 (1920x1080 Pixel).

Included videos in my project: about 1-3 videos with each max 1-2 minutes length

Photos: about 5-10 photos

Length of total Rush Project : about 2-3 minutes

Titles: yes, I used titles in my project.

Transitons: they are the problematic part as described above.


Uploading file:

I would have liked to use the Feedback function in the Rush app and upload my project there for examination. But unfortunately the Feedback fuction does not work. I described this in another issue here in the community. Please understand that I won't upload my private project to a open community here. Contact me and I will upload my project to one of your support people.

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