Video won't export, won't let me unsync

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May 20, 2019 May 20, 2019

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I'm making my first video with Rush to learn how to use it. I'm on an iPad Mini with footage exported from a GoPro 7.

Every time I try to export my video, the app exits partway through exporting. I re-imported all of my footage, created an entire new video project from scratch (only about 1:20 long, but it still took a while since I'm learning--I've spent like 3 hours making this stupid video now). The SECOND project also fails exporting partway through and the app exits.

Additionally, every time I start it up, it gives me a big red error text at the bottom (thanks for letting me know that I screwed up via big red text even tho I've literally just tried to use the app) saying that my storage is full. I check in settings and it's at 118%. I can't rename either of my projects or unsync. When I select "turn off sync" it gives an error message that says "Turning sync off has failed. Please try again later." How later? When will this work?

I've heard good things about this app, but what the heck? I just sunk 3 hours into a not even minute-and-a-half video and this stupid app won't even let me export what I'm clearly watching in the editor. This is a pretty awful experience so far.


Re: exporting--I was able to export at 720p, which is a real bummer since I shot everything in 1080p or higher. Absolutely no feedback or error messaging or anything saying why the higher export didn't work.

Re: storage--The only action I was able to take on my projects was deleting them from the device. Which leaves me in an odd spot now, where I STILL keep getting the red text telling me I need to pay you guys money to get more storage, but I can't actually see anything that's in that storage, I couldn't clear out the storage when I could, and I'm still at 118% usage.

Guys I really wanna give you money for this app and learn how to use your video editing software, but you're making a pretty compelling case as to why you are the wrong choice. Throw me a bone here, please. At the very least can somebody un-bork my cloud storage?







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