Frame Above/Below Pgf Conversion to RoboHelp Alignment Issues

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Mar 13, 2019 Mar 13, 2019

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TCS 5 User (Frame 12/RoboHelp 11)

I have a FrameMaker source book linked to a RoboHelp project with a named paragraph style, "Note." In FM Paragraph Designer, "Note" specifies a line (or border) above and below the paragraph (via field names "Frame Above Pgf"/"Below Pgf").  These frames/borders are defined as graphics in the FM reference page for the book.

In the past, when I've synched the files from FM to RH, the above/below paragraph border for this Note style did not get converted at all in RH, meaning in RH, Note text is not bordered with a line above or below, which is fine.  TCS manual specifically states that graphics that are not inside anchored frames do not get imported, and these borders are inside graphic frames, not anchored frames.

However, I recently edited the FM files and synched them to RH, and suddenly the above/below borders now appear in the RH file.  I don't know why, as I have not updated my software.  The problem is, they are not aligned properly. The left and right margins of the top line are to the left of the the l/r margins of the bottom line.  I see from the HTML code that the borders were imported as images.

I cannot find a setting in the Conversion Settings that would allow me to tweak these borders, either to omit them in the RH file, or to align them properly.  They appear throughout my 680-page document, so I cannot tweak them ad hoc.  My preference would be to eliminate them, from RH (not FM) since the the border image in RH appears to have a fixed width, and therefore does not dynamically adjust to correspond to the length of the text/window.

Any tips on how to fix this alignment or eliminate the border when converting to RH?

Images attached.

Note Style Frame.png

Note Style RH.png

Note Conversion Settings.png







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