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Introducing Adobe RoboHelp (2020 release) Update 6

Adobe Employee ,
Sep 22, 2021 Sep 22, 2021

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Adobe RoboHelp (2020 release) Update 6 contains Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as a new Knowledge Base output preset, option to add separate headers and footers in a Word output, a new script to convert hyperlinks into cross-references, option for static header and footer in a Frameless output, a Glossary hotspot tool, search enhancements, CSS list editor enhancements, and bug fixes.


For more information, see What's new in RoboHelp (2020 release) Update 6.


Bugs fixed in this update  

In this update, we’ve fixed bugs related to authoring, publishing, search, core application features, and performance. To see the list of bugs that are fixed, see Fixed issues. 


Install Update 6 

You can check your current version by going to the Help menu, the version will be shown at the bottom of the drop-down list.   

If your version is 2020.0, you will not be able to update using Check for Updates on that menu. Instead, navigate to Downloads, and download the latest version from there.  

For more information, see How to upgrade RoboHelp. 


Publish to Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe RoboHelp extends the capabilities of its publishing feature, giving you the option to publish Knowledge Base output, directly to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps and forms. And it makes it easy to manage your marketing content and assets.

Static header and footer

The feature sticks the header and footer on the output, even on scrolling. The header or footer will always be visible on the screen. We've provided two toggle switches on the Home Page and Topic Page sections in the Skin Editor.

Script to convert hyperlinks into cross-references

In this release of RoboHelp, we’ve provided a script that converts all hyperlinks in a project to cross references. The script CrossRefConverter is available in the Scripts panel. When you run this script, the script parses the topics for all available hyperlinks and displays them to be converted into cross references.

Headers and footers in the Word output preset

In this update, we've introduced an option to add master pages, so that you can add separate headers and footers in a Word document. Like PDF outputs, you can specify the even and odd pages in the Word output.

With this change, the CSS files from the master pages are applied to the Word output.

Glossary hotspots

The Glossary Hotspot tool searches for the glossary terms within topics and converts the terms into links in the topics. You can mark all the terms to convert to expanding hotspot, when you generate or preview the output.

You can also convert the glossary term in the topic to normal text.

List editor enhancements

In this release, the List editor has been simplified and a checkbox has been added to enable advanced editing. By default, it will be disabled which suits most of the users. If any user requires to resize the numbering width, change the margin between the numbering and the text, define a formatted numbering pattern, or use the image in the numbering then he should enable the option.

Search enhancements

To search special characters, they had to be added to the search settings of the output preset. With this update, common special characters like numbers and $ # @ & % need not be added and they are searchable by default. Other characters still need to be added to search settings. Four characters ; / - * will not be searchable.




Help us improve the product   

Your feedback is most important to us. Whether you’re sharing your feedback through discussion boards, or through social media or in-person, we’re listening, and we will continue to improve the product.  

Learn more about Adobe RoboHelp:  







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