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Missing scroll bar in the search results: Responsive, Azure_Blue

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Jan 03, 2018 Jan 03, 2018

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I'm using RH 2017, Azure_Blue layout.

I have turned "off" the search field in the TOC pane, but kept the search field in the upper-right, header area.  I do this so that search results display in the content pane.  The right scroll-bar (content pane) does not appear when there are more search results that fit on one page, i.e., more than 7 or 8 results using IE 10.  My display is set to 100%.

As a test, I searched for a common word and it returned 545 results.  Only 7.5 results display on the page -  and no scroll bar, no "next page",  nothing, at 100% zoom. When I zoom out to 50%, I see that 14 search results display....and at the end of that list it says "End of Search Results".  This means that 531 search results are missing and unavailable.

I have changed the size of my IE window, thinking a scroll bar will appear as the window changes, but it does not. The scroll bar DOES appear when the search results jump to the left of the screen (TOC pane) as the window becomes smaller. And at this point, more than 15 results display and continue to load as I scroll down the page (this is expected, correct?)

In the output setup, I have 15 search results per page selected.

I change the 15 search results per page to 50 and I get the same results.

This same behavior can be seen when viewing the docs in Chrome, too.

Edited to add:  The search results scroll bar in the Charcoal Gray layout works fine and displays at 100% zoom in IE10. So, no issue with this layout. BUT, there's no "next page" just one long page! (tested with "Number of results on page" set to 15 and 50.)






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