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Script for copying multiple folders and/or files in merged help

Community Beginner ,
Mar 23, 2020 Mar 23, 2020

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So, working on a merged help project in RH2019. As we all know, there's very little that you can do in RH2019 at the parent project level for propagating files down through the projects - I set up variables in one of my merged projects and add or edit variables, I have to copy the updated variables folder over to all the other projects  With 20 merged projects, this is tedious and mind-numbing and prone to errors. Rick Quatro, who is a script developer extraordinaire (some of you might know him through Framemaker) has developed a script that lets me automate such a process and it has saved my time and sanity. You can copy files/folders w/ this script, rename files, replace files . . . It has allowed me to keep all my projects in sync w/ minimal overhead. I have included a screen capture of the very easy and intuitive UI for the script.


If you're interested in this script, you can contact him at https://www.frameexpert.com/.


And if I have broken any rules on this forum by posting this, my apologies in advance. I simply trying to help other members of the community who are working w/ the mind-boggling requirements of merged help w/ RH.



New UI






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