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What is the difference between Language under Project Settings and and Language in the SSL Output?

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Jul 10, 2018 Jul 10, 2018

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RH 2017 (13.02.334)

We've been localizing our English RH projects for many years now into 16 different languages, and we do a lot of things by habit. One of these is, when we get our localized files back from our localization dept, we copy the localized content on top of our English base and then set our Project Language settings to the target language and set our SSL language settings to the target langauge.

But what is the purpose of the setting the project Language vs. setting the SSL language?

I know that the SSL language settings provide me with localized strings for some buttons in the chm window so I have to continue to set that. But is the Language settings for project necessary to set in all cases? The reason I ask is I didn't set the RH project langauge this time on a couple of languages, but didn't notice anything different visually when we generated our output in those languages.

We are generating to a CHM format currently (though next version we're going to switch to HTML5).

Is there something the project language settings give me behind the scenes that I'm not aware of?






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