Go to URL in MS HTML help does not open in new window and error messages ( TCS 5)

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Apr 15, 2016 Apr 15, 2016

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I am using TCS 5 with unstructured FrameMaker and RH in a Win7  64-bit environment and recently upgraded to TSC5 2015; currently using FM 13.02.433 and RH 12.02.284. I have source FM books linked to RH and generating MS HTML hlp, Webhelp and pdf.

For the first time I upgraded a chm project and source files from FM 2012 and RH 11  to 2015 version and compiled and suddenly there are many issues with the chm file even though the only thing that is different is minor content changes in the FrameMaker source files. Very disappointing! The newer tools are supposed to create less issues not more. I managed to resolve some issues but there are more to be discussed in separate posts.


In this post I am asking for help with Go to URL hypertext in MS HTML help

So, issue 1:

None of our web links (Go to URL hypertext) open in a new window  any more, i.e. they “don’t launch a browser and display the specified Web page” as GO to URL is supposed to do. They open in the chm window which is pointless.

the syntax we use for the GO to URL for CHM help:

  message URL url " target="_blank

no longer works. It has worked in our files since TCS 4 up until now. This syntax is also recommended in this post https://forums.adobe.com/message/5141046#5141046


The syntax for GO to URL as specified in the FM online help “message URL url’ has never worked for us in MS HTML help, only for pdf; that is why we conditionalize links for pdf and Chm.


Today I tried the syntax recommended in another post from 2012 https://forums.adobe.com/message/4566025 and it crashes each build with Fatal Error.

So, please recommend a syntax that might work, or is this functionality no longer available for MS HTML help (CHM files) with Robohelp 2015?


Issue 2:

For some web links I get the following error messages in a loop, i.e. clicking OK in the error message displays it over and over again.


Please help. I am before product release and at this point the solution I can think of is downgrading my FM files to FM 2012 and try to use the old RH 11 project as the HTML help generated with it was error-free in many ways that the current chm is not. However, this is not a viable solution for the future and not sure even short-term that it will work.  

Post-processing of the links in Robohelp is not an option as the links are many and that defeats the purpose of single-sourcing.

  Any suggestions are hugely appreciated.




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