Introducing Adobe RoboHelp (2020 release) Update 5

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Jun 13, 2021 Jun 13, 2021

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RoboHelp (2020 release) Update 5 contains various enhancements related to customizing TOC icons for Frameless and HTML Help, improved TOC tile management for Frameless, support for Windows jump list, improved Reviewer experience, ability to delete reviews, segmentation support in translation, Google translation V2 support, and Multi- factor Authentication for Git. 

The update includes improved style editing capabilities for table, font weight, first line indent, and others. 

For more information, see What’s new in Adobe RoboHelp (2020 release) Update 5. 


Bugs fixed in this update  

In this update, we’ve fixed bugs related to authoring, version control, output, and publishing. To see the list of bugs that are fixed, see Fixed issues. 


Install Update 5 

You can check your current version by going to the Help menu, the version will be shown at the bottom of the drop-down list.   

If your version is 2020.0, you will not be able to update using Check for Updates on that menu. Instead, navigate to Downloads, and download the latest version from there.  

For more information, see How to upgrade RoboHelp. 


Relative path in output preset 

In an output preset, on the General tab, enable the option Save output path as relative to project. After you enable the option, browse to the output path. The path to the output will now be a relative instead of absolute. 


Windows jump list 

A jump list shows the documents that you have opened recently. In this update, right-click the RoboHelp icon on the taskbar and see all recent projects you've worked on. This is a Windows-only functionality. 


Review enhancements 

Here are the enhancements to the review workflow: 

  • A progress bar appears as the review and any topic loads. 
  • Use @mentions to tag reviewers. Reviewers in turn receive notifications to perform a review. 
  • Delete a review from the Review panel. In earlier releases, you had to delete a review from your Creative Cloud account. Also, you can replace a text in the review. 


Enhancements to table properties 

Here are the enhancements to the table properties: 

  • When you put the cursor in any table, then the Table Properties panel gets focus. 
  • The Table Properties panel now contains all the styling options as well.  
  • The horizontal alignment options for table have been added in the Layout section of the properties. 


Manage Home Page Tiles from TOC 

In the Skin Editor, we've added an option Manage Tiles from TOC. If you enable this toggle, the tile images will be the ones that you've specified for the topics and sections in the TOC. 


Custom TOC icon for Frameless output 

Include custom TOC icons for specific sections and topics in a Frameless output. In the output, these icons will override the icon specified in the skin. 


Custom TOC icon for CHM output 

In this update, customize the TOC icons for the CHM output. Switch on the option Enable advanced HTML Help options in File > Project Settings dialog. 


Single Sign-on (SSO) option for RoboHelp Server 

During publishing to Adobe RoboHelp Server, you must authenticate. The user name and password are set in the Publish Profiles. Now, you can use single sign-on, and enable the option in the Publish Profile dialog. 


Sandbox support for Salesforce Knowledge Base 

You can now log in to Sandbox server for Salesforce Knowledge Base and try out publishing before moving into production. In the Publish Profile dialog, you will find the options to disable SSL verification and log in to Sandbox. 


Enhanced sentence segmentation in XLIFF export 

The new SRX (Segmentation Rule eXchange)-based sentence segmentation has been added to provide greater control in the translation process. Content exported to XLIFF format uses this rule for all languages supported by RoboHelp. 


Support for Google Translate API v2 

We've added support for Google Machine Translation API V2. You must re-create the translation profile to perform the machine translation. 


Multi-factor Authentication support for Git 

In Update 5, we've added Multi-factor Authentication support for GitHub, Bitbucket, and Azure DevOps git https connections. For more information, see Create a Git connection profile. 


Other changes 

Here’s a list of some of the other changes in Update 5: 

  • Option to use JavaScript while generating PDF. 
  • Support for font weight. 
  • First line indentation. 

For more details, see What’s new in Adobe RoboHelp (2020 release) Update 5. 




Help us improve the product   

Your feedback is most important to us. Whether you’re sharing your feedback through discussion boards, or through social media or in-person, we’re listening, and we will continue to improve the product.  

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