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Aug 10, 2019 Aug 10, 2019

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Recently I found myself in a situation when I create a list of keywords outside of Adobe Stock, they usually sorted alphabetically. But when I keyworded the same asset in Adobe Stock upload manager, I had to rearrange the keywords order file by file, which is very time-consuming.

Assume you did a photo shoot. Usually the basic set of keywords is more or less the same for the entire shoot, but still, there may be some differences from file to file (pose, facial expression, models composition, actions, etc. - which may be specific for each photo). It would be nice to have some tool which keeps the order of basic keywords intact, but figures out those differences and lets you know - so you just have to rearrange those specific keywords.

Hence I created a spreadsheet with some handy formulas that let me do basically three things: 1) compare two lists of keywords (one - with correct order and another - with alphabetical or random order); 2) out of these two lists the formula create the third list with all the keywords that are present in the second list arranged according to the first list; the keywords that are present in the second list and absent in the first list are placed at the end of the third list 3) keywords that are present in the first list but absent in the second list are displayed separately for your reference and verification.

Here is the link to the mentioned spreadsheet.

Keywords merger_public - Google Sheets

Feel free to copy it to your google drive. Hope this will be of some use for the community.








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