iOS Mail adobestrock contribution Mail picture not visible ! Why ?

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Apr 29, 2020 Apr 29, 2020

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why can't we see the picture that are accepted via IOS Mail? 

I don't understand this bug? 

Why can I see the picture in the mail app of OSX 

and I can't see it in IOS ? 

this Is so annoying ! 

anybody out there that can explain this new feature of dealing with pictures in a mailapp in 2020? 

how can this happen? 

is this tested , does the betautest team not use IOS ? 
why ? 
why is this not reported ? 
i see this errors since 2014 ! 
and I am shocked that no one is repairing this. 

what are your feelings about having to go to adobe stock to see which picture are accepted and which not? 

And by the way, why is there no IOS app for adobe stock?


it would be so convenient to have this feature... 


Anybody out there with thoughts ? 


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