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Jul 20, 2021 Jul 20, 2021

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Keywording is for me just as important as a good photo. Adobe offers contributors several guidelines on keywording. Such as the  Keywording Cheat Sheet.  Or the Keywording Tool which is available when you submit your photos. But have you ever tested these guidelines? Pretent to be a potential buyer. Enter search terms and see what photo comes up first. View the title. View the similar terms. What position in the term list did your terms occur? Were the terms in the title? Did the search term order that you, as the buyer, entered make a difference? Want to see something interesting? Change your Region. The order of the found photos might change! Another thing that I have noticed about my portfolio is that 90% or more of my sales are always in the same category. What are your expierinces with keyording and getting found?








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