Why Adobe Stock rejects all Public Space Photos?

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Sep 12, 2019 Sep 12, 2019

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Hi everyone,


I am a little new into stock photography. Couple months ago i started to upload photos from my archieve of many years. There are some nice cityscapes, architectural photos and more. As an architect i interested in architectural photography and doing sometimes some commercials besides. I understand actually how that copyright issues work but one thing i dont know why and how to solve. Lets say that i have a photo from a Cathedral(like a monument really famous one). When i want to upload a photo of it they reject directly due to property releases. For private places like hotels, restaurants, ... of course i should have a release and i believe its not a big problem to make it done. But i have no idea how people do it with that kind of photos cause i see tons of public photos on Adobe Stock. Sometimes just one building alone or even sometimes a street with too many building and more in it. I pretty sure that they reject almost every kind of architectural photos when i dont have a legal permission. That its kind of annoying to put so strictly borders about copyright issues even they have right. So question is: How should i do that or should i just give up 🙂 Have some contributors something we dont have something like a "Press ID" ?


Thanks in advance and cheers!

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