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Aug 28, 2021 Aug 28, 2021

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Hi, I would like a response from an Adobe employee please. 
1. I am self-publishing a Print on Demand book containing 80 Adobe Stock assests purchased with Standard Licenses. The photos have been modified from color to black & white (because I cannot afford to publish a book with color images.)
2. The primary value of the book are not the Adobe photos. (It's 300 page educational handbook, although not an academic textbook.)  This is my main question: Would these images be considered "decoration purposes" per the Adobe Terms? 
3. The book is not expected to sell more than 500.000 times and the photos are used in good taste.
4. I have purchased an Extended License for the cover, as I hope to use it in a Press Release.
5. I have received an Adobe Stock email letting me know that each book, counts as "1" toward the total of 500,000, not "80".
6. Will the black and white images and my project meet the terms of the contract. (Needless to say, purchasing 80 Extended Licenses is completely out of my financial reach).
7. There is a section called Photo Credits/AdobeStock.com where I am listiing each photographer. I've been told that is fine rather tha putting a credit on each photo, as putting AdobeStock.com on each photo would detract from the beauty of the book. I've been told this is fine, but I would like to confirm that it is.
8. What is meant by "non-commercial uses" in 3:1A2.
9. If the book should sell more than 499,999 (which is extremely unlikely, lol) would I be able to then get Extended Licenses for the photos, after I'm rich?
Thank you so much! 


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