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Massive spike in views (800% increase), drop in rank all from the 24th. Data corruption?

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Oct 03, 2018 Oct 03, 2018

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I've been reviewing the raw data from FT as there has been a strange drop in sales volume / earnings that seemed to happen overnight.

When I looked at the data at the time this seems to have happened, I noticed a massive spike in views. As in, from 80-100 a day to 600-800 a day. This started on the 24th Sept, the same day there was an increase to the minimum payment. Now, on it's own this may seem nothing but, if ranking uses this variable.... i.e. the % of views that turn into sales. Lower % = Content must be poor = lower rank type of scenario, this would account for the sudden drop in rank and therefore sale that people have mention on another thread, see link below. I've sent this query through to FT via their message system but while it's been opened, there has been no confirmation this is being looked at.

Mat, if you could take a look into this. The daily views seem be going crazy. Over 800 a day now for me after being steady at 80-100, rank is dropping as the views increase and there are others in the same position. Being discussed at MicroStock Group.

If someone could confirm they are aware of this and looking into it it would be greatly appreciated as it is more than a little stressful seeing income and rank fall away so fast. It just seems too much of a coincidence that this all stems from the day of the minimum royalty changes were made.

Thanks again.








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