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Changing resource folder ?

Enthusiast ,
Dec 05, 2023 Dec 05, 2023

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Is there a simple way to quickly change resource folder  like putting the resource folder in same folder sbs is saved  or something like that and change one link instead of  lots of them?

For exmple  I have  a texture which is composited from render AOVs  saved as exr files  .  Now I do a slightly diffrent version  and output it to another folder.     


So far  I rename this folders  to a path saved in substance file but with time I lose track of it and have no idea  which folder I have to rename to get the version I want.   Is there a simple qucik way to  to reassign new folder for all the resources ?  


I used aliases before but  they not much of a help.   For axample I have  an aliase  "AOV output'   . Still have to rename   the folder  for other version  instead of  changing the links in SD to just another folder one time and save a specific sbs for this version.    I tried matching folder and sbs name   but then I fogot  to rename it back from  what alias need   and it again  all turns into a mess.     If I change the path in the  alias  all other sbs using same alias  now turns into a mess  so it's zero difference.


Am I missing something obviouce  like  simple easy way?   Like in 3d max when you change the link to first file and all others do it automatically?  Or Blender which can pack resources into a file  and unpuck them to same folder . Not doing  2gb archives like my substance files collecting all the junk from my pc  for some uncertain reason. Probably some cross referencess or something.   


ps. Maybe I can edit  sbs in some text editor  or somethin  with find and replace?   I mean resource path?  

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