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Darker stripes added to height map

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Nov 07, 2021 Nov 07, 2021

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Hey guys,
I am having difficulty getting my height map rendered properly. Ill tell you what steps I took. What I am trying to do is create a Dragon body in ZBrush, but the problem lies within (at least I think) Substance designer.


1. I made a simple cylinder in 3ds Max and added UV's to it. I stored this as "base_cylinder".

2. I made a copy of the cylinder and gave it a shape with the Path modifier so it would have the shape of a dragon's body in terms of bends. I then saved this as "dragon_body". The UV's are not modified!

3. I opened the "dragon_body" file in ZBrush and sculpted the scales on it. I then exported this as "dragon_body_model".
4. I opened Substance Designer and linked my cylinder "base_cylinder". I then baked the "dragon_body_model" into it and generated a "height map" of 4096x4096.

5. I applied the "height map" as a "Displacement map" in ZBrush to my "dragon_body". This was just a standard cylinder with some bends in it, but now, after applying the displacement map, it looks perfectly fine from start to end like the scales that I sculpted.


That means that the height map is succesfully generated and it is working. The only weird thing is that it hard "darker lines" across the .PNG file. I will attach the file for you to see.

Can anyone tell me where those dark lines are comming from? I mean, everything is fine at the moment except for those darker lines that destroy my model now.


Been trying to get this fixed for the past three days now, so I really am hoping anyone here knows the solution.

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