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Designer 11.2.1 is live!

Adobe Employee ,
Jul 29, 2021 Jul 29, 2021

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Substance 3D Designer 11.2.1 has been released this week. Thanks to your feedbacks, it includes some improvements of the latest features:

  • Publish window: now the File path is initialized with the path of the SBS file, and previous parameters are restored
  • Send to: send to Player, Painter and Sampler are now located in the same menu. If you send a package already sent to Sampler or Painter, the corresponding package will be updated in the destination app (in the previous version a new instance was created). Resend commands have been removed.
  • Substance model graphs: the documentation is now complete


Complete release note:

Features and Improvements:

  • [Substance model] Update to version 1.0.3
  • [Substance model] Complete and improve the Substance model graphs documentation
  • [Substance model] Display logs in the console
  • [Substance model][ScatterOnCurves] Change default value for spacing
  • [Substance model][ScatterOnCurves] Remove unneeded HalfSpaceOddEven parameter
  • [Substance model][Transform] Update Euler rotation soft range
  • [Publish] Remember settings in the Publish window
  • [Publish] Warn the user when at least one dependency has unsaved changes
  • [Publish] Initialize "File Path" field
  • [Publish] Add visual feedback during publishing
  • [Interoperability] Add "Send to Player" command to the "Send to" menu
  • [Interoperability] Simplify send/resend workflow to Sampler and Painter
  • [API] Add SDApplication.getVersion() to allow retrieve the version of the host application
  • [Explorer] Add an Open action to Substance model graph items
  • [Graph] Disable "View in 3d view" actions for ghost instance nodes


Bug fixes

  • [Substance model] Crash when deleting a sequence
  • [Substance model] Basis are not drawn correctly in some cases
  • [Substance model] Fail to export specific projects
  • [Substance model] Material assignment broken when opening a project with Iray enabled
  • [Substance model] Min hard range doesn't work correctly in certain circumstances
  • [Substance model][Primitive] Icosphere first level of subdivision doesn't work
  • [Substance model][RandomFloat] Correctly handle the case where Min >= Max
  • [3D view] Crash when drag and dropping maps
  • [3D View] Exposed strings in MDL materials use color space widget
  • [3D View][Bakers] Parented objects are not handled correctly
  • [3D View] Warning message about the "heightScale" usage name for legacy .glslfx file
  • [Content] Cooking warnings in Height extrude node
  • [Content] RT Irradiance node does not appear in Library
  • [Content] RT Shadows: cooking warning messages in the console
  • [Graph] Crash when opening a file with some disabled nodes
  • [Graph] Dot node doesn't work correctly in MDL Graph when a link is selected
  • [Graph] Graph view is not automatically re-opened after reloading a package
  • [Interoperability] Error dialog when selecting 'Download...' while sending to Player
  • [Interoperability] Resending after deleting all outputs results in API errors
  • [Interoperability] Resending just after closing target application results in API errors
  • [Explorer] [Graph] After reloading a package, the first graph opened is not the first graph of the package
  • [Explorer] New graphs in a package are not placed the same way depending on their type
  • [Explorer] Unable to open a Substance Model graph or a Scene Resource after moving it in the explorer
  • [Explorer] Crash/freeze when moving a Substance model graph into package hierarchy
  • [Library] SBSAR files remain in the temporary files location
  • [Library] XML files remain in the temporary files location
  • [Player] Material has no impact in 3D View when language is set to Japanese
  • [Player] Substance Player download link is outdated
  • [Color widget] Color editor window moves to the top of the screen
  • [IRay] Fix IRay module loading on Windows when app directory contains non ascii chars
  • [Preferences] MDL panel is displayed twice in Project
  • [API] FxMap nodes don't support getPropertyGraph()






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