Looking for a texturing solution, can Substance help me?

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Aug 20, 2021 Aug 20, 2021

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Hello community, I do photogrammetry work with products for my clients and create product visualization images and videos from them.  Right now I just use Reality Capture, Photoshop and Blender for my work.


At the moment , I'm working with a special kind of pillow but I'm having a lot of trouble getting the texture and color of the pillow to come out properly.


So I thought maybe I could cut the pillow and place the fabric flat against the wall to create a seamless texture that I can use to texture the 3d model pillow with.  I was able to create that with another app called PixPlant.


However, when I try to apply the new texture maps to the model in Blender, it doesn't quite look right.  When I try to define the seams for the UV Mapping, and apply the texture to it when creating a new material, it doesn't line up right. The geometry doesn't follow the seams of the pillow. I have tried remeshing and retopology tool, but it's still difficult to get the geometry to match up against the seams exactly, and it looses detail when I retopologize it with the addons.


I really want to try and make this work, and was wondering if someone knew if there were tools in the Substance apps that could help me get the job done and texture these pillows so that they flow with the seams, regardless of where the geometry is.


I'm not at all familar with these apps, but thought it could be a good to to retexture models with, just not sure.  Also, I don't have a lot of time, and was wondering if there is a big learning curve with these apps if they could help me out with this.  


Thank you!



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