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New minor update: Designer 13.0.2

Adobe Employee ,
Jul 27, 2023 Jul 27, 2023

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We have just released a new version (13.0.2) to mainly solve a few bugs in the content introduced in the 13.0 version (splines) and bring some improvements in the Home Screen. We have also added a new system variable to access to the Physical Size in function graphs. 

Here is the full change log for this new release:


  • [Function graph] Add $getPhysicalSize system variable
  • [Home Screen] Support opening SBS files by drag and drop
  • [Content] Spline Mapper/Spline Flow Mapper : Add 'Non-Square Correction' parameter


  • [Home Screen] Do not display Home Screen when a file is sent from another software
  • [Home Screen] Wrong status for Designer icon in the Windows toolbar
  • [Content] Atlas Splitter: Description is incorrect
  • [Content] Incorrect reference value in 'Linear to sRGB (luminance)' function
  • [Content] Numbers display tool does not support non-square resolutions
  • [Content] Point List: 'Point number' parameter has incorrect minimum value
  • [Content] Shape Drop Shadow: Shadow can disappear when tiling is disabled
  • [Content] Spline (Poly Quadratic): Incorrect preview tangents and thickness in non-corrected non-square resolutions
  • [Content] Spline (Poly Quadratic): Points labels are not hidden when using connect start/end options
  • [Content] Spline Bridge (List): 'Non-Square Correction' parameter has no effect
  • [Content] Spline Cubic: Non-Square Correction parameter has no effect on Preview output
  • [Content] Spline Mapper: Incorrect render when the spline has a very small thickness
  • [Content] Spline nodes: Inverted alpha sign description in Spline Coords tooltip
  • [Content] Spline nodes: 'Non-Square Correction' parameter has no effect on Preview output
  • [Content] Spline Render: Output format is absolute 32F
  • [Content] Spline Render: Output is clamped in [0, 1] range
  • [Content] Spline Sample Thickness: Spline can be subtracted into negative values
  • [Content] Spline Select: Splines are closed with a single segment by default
  • [Crash][Cooker] Crash when loading specific graphs
  • [Crash][UI] Crash when enabling menus after loading package from Home Screen
  • [API] 'User documentation' link in scripting reference is outdated
  • [Properties] Value processor function can't be opened on a locked graph
  • [Publish] Cannot publish packages containing MDL graphs
  • [UI] 'Manage My Account...' option is disabled in Help menu
  • [UI] Missing entries in Help menu when opening Designer through a file






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