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New minor update: Designer 13.1.1

Adobe Employee ,
Feb 08, 2024 Feb 08, 2024

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We have just released a new version (13.1.1) to mainly solve a few bugs and bring a few improvements. Look at the detailled release notes for more information.

  • [AxF] Add boolean properties hasClearCoat, hasSheen etc.
  • [AxF] Add some missing properties
  • [AxF] Allow importing EP-SVBRDF
  • [AxF] Rename properties "anisotropic", "fresnel" and "fresnel variant"
  • [AxF] Update to AxF-Editing 1.0.0
  • [Graph] Paste on mouse position if position inside Graph View
  • [UX] Increase height of Frame and Comment's 'Description' text field
  • [UX] Set focus on text edition fields when creating Frames, Comments or Pins


  • [AxF] 'Specular Color' map values are incorrect when exported
  • [AxF] Preview and textures are not displayed correctly in 'Import AxF' dialog
  • [AxF] Property 'CC No Refraction' is not injected correctly in 'AxF to AxF' template
  • [Content] 'Flood Fill to Position' is absent from the Library
  • [Content] 'Splatter Circular': Negative 'Pattern Amount' values result in very long and intensive computations
  • [Content] 'Spline Merge List': Incorrect input order
  • [Dependencies] Dependency is remapped to its copy after being saved as a copy
  • [Frames] 'Enable HTML markup' button is not toggled when undoing its use
  • [Frames] Marquee-selecting a frame and its content leads to entire frame contents being moved while auto-expanding
  • [Graph] Comments duplicated from parented comments are always placed at graph origin
  • [Graph] Line breaking in Comment is harsher on creation
  • [Publish] Set default path for SBSAR publishing to "My Documents" folder
  • [SBSAR] Redoing SBSAR load makes it editable and its data can be lost
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