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Saved 3d view ortho projections/frames + paste into bitmap node

Enthusiast ,
Feb 28, 2024 Feb 28, 2024

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Would love a feature when we could  save an ortho projection , like put an ortho camera  in 3d view , then copy the view into an  image editor , paint and paste back into bitmap node.  


 it's all almost there alredy , I see top, font etc cameras  . it just need to be exact  frame, saved in a special list    rather than camera angle   .    Then we  need an option to paste it back . Something like right click , select a saved frame/camera and "paste"  which would bring a bitmap node assosiated with exact projection.


My guess it should be much easier than  bringing Painter  ability to Designer .   And I would still prefer  it because to be honest  Painter brush system is  not a greatest one . 


Pretty sure Chat GPT 4 could make me such python script that woulld do it for Blender . Too bad  I need  it  in Designer .

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