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Teacher License Expired, Can't Update License or Verify, Not Receiving Verification Email

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Nov 28, 2023 Nov 28, 2023

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I have Substance 3D Painter installed on my home PC, licensed through my employer. Today, I saw that the license had expired. 

Screenshot 2023-11-28 060918.jpg


I tried to update it via the activation wizard but that doesn't work, returning a status 410 error.

Screenshot 2023-11-28 061503.jpg


After researching what that meant, I found it was because the files no longer exist on the server. I assumed this was because it was trying to connect to substance3d.com, but that shouldn't be the case because this is a direct download from the Adobe Creative Cloud. Why is Adobe still hosting Substance tools linking to Substance3D.com if they stopped servicing that platform last year?  


Anyway, no matter which option I try, I get the same status 410 error.


After looking into this further, I finally found the page where I can send in for verification.

Screenshot 2023-11-28 062349.jpg

I didn't need to create an account since I already had one, so I moved on to step 2 as instructed. I filled out my email and Country/Region and clicked the Submit button. The bar turned green, stating I should check for an email from donotreply@adobepartneroffer.com but I never received it. I refreshed my email page numerous times, checked the spam folder, even closed my email application and restarted it. Nothing. So I went back to try to get it to send again only to encounter this;Screenshot 2023-11-28 062618.jpg

I can't correct my correct email, so I can't resubmit my request for verification, leaving me in this infinite loop of hell. So now what? What am I supposed to do? There's no information regarding this, leaving me stuck without working software. I have been at this for three hours now to no avail and no closer to a solution than when I started. 

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