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Adobe Substance Painter 2021 crash with active multi screen setup

Community Beginner ,
Jul 11, 2021 Jul 11, 2021

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Hello, i tried getting help on the Steam Community Forums, but was just talking to myself there.

I hope i can get some help to solve the issue here.

I bought the software on steam some weeks ago. After installation everything was fine.

I started on one of my projects and used my second screen, for all the tool bars and windows, while using the first screen as a 2D / 3D space only. I do the same with many other types of software, such as Photoshop, Maya, 3dsMax, RizomUV and others. So far no issue on any of them.

Now after starting Substance Painter (SP) in that mutli screen setup, i get a whitescreen on my first screen and some black squares where the tools should be on my second screen. The program doesn't respond and windows terminates it after a while.


I tested deleting the regedit paths as suggested in the FAQ - which resulted in a one time startup without issues. But now the issue is back. I can replicate it pretty easy: if i set my system to only use my main screen, SP starts without issues. I can then activate my second screen and have to drag the windows/tools to my second screen again. I can now work and save my project and when i start again the issue will be back. My drivers are up to date and my screens are all plugged into my GPU via diplayport. I don't want to waster 10min configurating my setup each day.

I added my log and crash files.

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