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Feature Request: Exporting Textures based on UVW Channel Selection Option

Community Beginner ,
Jan 05, 2022 Jan 05, 2022

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I checked at the following link to make a "Wish" for SP, but it is not listed in the drop list:

My request is a long shot and a really cool feature that could save time Atlas-ing textures together.

  • The idea is that normally, the Artist would create textures based on "Channel 1" of the Material's UVW space. Followed by the usual export.
  • Next the Artist may be required to reduce 4 textures' sizes , and then Atlas them together.  This puts a bit of strain doing all the resizing.  Especially after moving UVW Islands around to accomodate the changes. 


For the feature to work:

  • Substance Painter needs to also remember verticies number assignments.
    It will also need to know to reduce the "texture set" size (if required) in half to fit the "Atlas" channel.
  • Within the Artist's 3d program, they should copy the main UVW (that was used for painting) to another channel and Atlas the "texture set's" UVWs as they like.
  • Afterwards, the Artists will reimport the new exported mesh into their project.
  • Next, when the user exports their textures, there will be an option to choose which UVW Channel to export from and a final "Atlas" texture size.


Basically, the exporter will translate from the main UVW channel, resize the texture set as neccessary, and paste the texture into the second "Atlas" UVW channel



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