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How to texture large obejcts that spawn multiple UV tiles in substance

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Jan 08, 2022 Jan 08, 2022

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I've noticed that an author of a tree model that I have has unwrapped the uvs for their big tree in this way (One UV tile is a 4k texture, as highlighted)




I noticed that their UV islands would be spanning across multiple tiles, simply based on the size of the first tile. I also realize that Substance Painter doesn't allow this and so if I were to try the same thing with my own model, Substance Painter would throw an error upon import like below


[Scene 3D] Errors have been found while splitting meshes per UV tile:
Mesh 'Sphere' has a face spanning across multiple tiles: UV tile 1, 0 (UDIM 1002) with vertex at U=0.983364, V=0.628757


I appreciate the author didn't necessarily use Substance Painter, infact it would appear they couldnt possibly have given this limitation. Would anybody be able to advise how I can follow the same approach and if not possible to use Substance Painter, if theres an alternative that does allow for this?


I understand that I could simply split the uv islands so that no faces/verts span multiple uv tiles, but I'm interested in the fact that the author didn't need to do this and was able to avoid seams in their model because of it - ideally I would layout my uvs like they have.


Thanks for reading

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