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Is Iray more "physically correct" than typical game render ?

Enthusiast ,
Aug 11, 2023 Aug 11, 2023

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And not just  Iray  specifically


In every online vs offline render  the intensity of highlight spot  is so different   with every setting being  perfectly  same.   Looks totally  same  in Evee vs Cycles comparison   and so on. 


For example  random Megascan texture asphalt roughness  looks perfectly fine in  Cycles . But for a  game  you usually have to  darken  the roughness quite a bit  . Otherwize the asphalt would be totally matte.

In a game I see no asphalt shine at all when the sun goes 50 degree and higher .  In real life and  Iray or Cycles  or Octane , Arnold  it's just like in real life.   Even when the sun is  as high as 70 degree you still see   a bit of it.    At low sun angles  it's other way around.  That very same asphalt shines like crazy  in game renders and  ok in offline ones.


That thing have been bothering me for a decade already.   Isn't it an energy conservation issue?  The intensity of highlight spot including not so polished materials  and in any PBR should be  looking more or less same  , not so drastically different in game renders.    What's the purpose of doing  accurate  true roughness values if  it looks so different?







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