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laggy substance painter-workstation

New Here ,
Dec 23, 2021 Dec 23, 2021

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How to improve performance? So the following seems to lag 

  • Undo/redo functions 
  • Assets tool bar/Brush icons are stuck loading 
  • Drag and drop- Change material 
  • Progress bar stuck on any operation 
  • Even on demo projects at 50mb-100mb file 
  • Brushes/materials wont paint and brush hovering on model is slow 
  • Projects even at 1024 texture paint are slow 

Things I tried 

  • Raised cache to 2000mb even maxed out at 9999mb  
  • Created a virtual cache on a 2tb nvme drive that is 32gb in size 
  • Uninstalled  
  • Restarted and only launched substance 

How can I improve performance? its unusable, only substance is acting up. I work with much bigger files in keyshot with no problem.

System specs 

I have 4 2tb nvme drives 

88gb of ram 

Xeon 2235 6c/12t  

Quadro Rtx  8000 48gb 


any help would be appreciated, i am in trial mode and lately it hasn't been a warm experience to want to purchase.

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