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Need some workflow advice, Substance or Photoshop?

Feb 22, 2022 Feb 22, 2022

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Hi everyone. First post to the community from a probably somewhat confused guy.

I am kinda lost in the Adobe magical universe and would like some workflow advise from people that actually know what they are doing haha.


First of all I'm not a pro at any of these tools so talk noob-level to me please, I appreciate it.



This image above is what I created. I use it to create 2D external panels for Flightsimulator 2020/X-plane and code them in Air Manager 4. Now the question is: "How would your workflow be to ad the grunge (edge wear) effect?" It's currently still missing from the rotary knob by the way.


- would you just paint it on with grunge brushes in PS?

- would you somehow do it in substance?


What I did is:

1. designed the dial with Photoshop

2. designed the bezel in Blender and UV unwrapped it

3. imported into substance designer

4. created the edge wear effect with mask editor and grunge texture

5. exported the color map

6. imported the map into PS and aligned it and set is as screen


A completely broken workflow. But I like the edge wear effect realism so many times more over the stuff I can create in PS alone. Maybe I'm just very poor at PS (possible).

I wanted to know, how would you approach this knowing every dials bezel needs variation like in the real plane. And realistic masking to have wear in the right places.


Many many thanks for guiding me.

I appreciate your time a lot.


Best regards,








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