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Painting across seams. Not having very good luck!

Explorer ,
May 23, 2022 May 23, 2022

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So rather than using merchant resources for my Poser character I wanted to make my own base to create characters with so I don't have to rely on those any more. I'm using a figure named L'Homme which is one of the flagship figures for Poser.  He, of course, uses UDIM's and I THINK I set it all up correctly in ZBrush by only exporting the parts that would be needed for texturing in SP (Head, Torso, Limbs and Inner Mouth) I set up all this with the same ID so they would come in, so I thought, with the ability to paint over seams.  I can but the paint is not flawless. 


I'm playing around with various skin types included in SP but when I paint over where the Torso meets the arms there is def a difference with how that's being married and it's not, not to what I thought would be.  See the screen shot below.  


At first I thought it was the lighting so I tried one of the more evenly HDRI to even out how the light plays on the OBJ.  The figure is smoothed so it's not that, not that I know of but when I paint over the seams there is diffinetely an issue with the paint finding that meeting to match what was on the other side of the seam, if that makes any sense!  


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks so much







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