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Setting up a human figure for texturing

Explorer ,
Jan 16, 2022 Jan 16, 2022

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I really need to figure this out once and for all.  I did have some notes on how to do this but I have a new computer now and I think I may have lost those notes as they are not where they should be.  So here I am asking again.


I have a male figure from Poser I want to make some character maps for.  He has UDIM UV set as most do these days.  So I got him exported from Poser and he comes in with quite a few UV's that only show when that UV is selected.  Not sure if that's going to affect how I paint over seams or anything else and quite frankly I'd like to see this whole set up simplified for future endeavors.  

As an example he has lips, head and inner eye on one UV but in SP those all come in as seperate UV's and I don't want that.  


So my main question is how do I merge these three together?  If not from within SP then how about a UV Mapping program?  If that's the ticket then I just need to know how to go about doing that.  I've watched the vids that Adobe is supplying for beginners and whomever else but none that I could find cover this sort of scenario!  


Thanks for the help! 



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