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Substance 3D Community Digest, May 2024

Adobe Employee ,
May 31, 2024 May 31, 2024

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Ah, the month of May. May, the bridge between spring and summer (depending on which part of the world you’re in). Lots of good stuff for Substance this month – notably the latest release of Substance 3D Painter, marking the tenth anniversary of the app!

Coming Soon! 


Ten years old is a grand age. To celebrate Painter’s tenth birthday we’re presenting a livestream alowing you to meet and chat with the engineers and product managers who do the work behind the scenes creating such a great painting tool.


Painter livestream, rounded corners.png


This will take place on YouTube and Behance on June 6, at 10:00 AM PST. Bookmark our YouTube link for the event right now!

Substance 3D News 


It’s been a busy, busy month for the Substance 3D ecosystem. As mentioned, we launched a major new release of Substance 3D Painter, providing Illustrator support, a text resource, allowing you to add text to your objects, the ability to access Substance 3D Assets directly inside Painter, and more. Take a look at our article on the Adobe blog for more information.


Text tool in Painter.png


We also put out a new release of Substance 3D Sampler, including a range of features powered by Adobe Firefly. These include Text to Pattern (AI), allowing you to generate a pattern from a text prompt, Image to Texture (AI), which lets you generate tileable textures from a photo or image reference, and Text to Texture (AI), first presented in March, which gives you the ability to generate a selection of photorealistic textures from a text prompt.




To give more information on these points, we’ve also released a Text to Texture tutorial, and an Image to Texture tutorial. 


We’ve released the latest version of Substance 3D Stager, highlighting Generative Background (AI). A simple text prompt allows you to generate a background scene, into which you can place your objects as needed. See our Stager tutorial for more information.




Substance Days London


Substance Days London, rounded corners.png


What else? This month we hosted Substance Days London, bringing together a bunch of our UK-based users to present what’s new in Substance, meet and talk with our teams, and maybe learn a few tips along the way. Thanks to everybody who attended – as always, it was a blast to see people face to face.



Online Resources 


Creapole and On


This month, we posted about our partnership with top product design school Creapole, bringing together professional footwear designers from On and 3D artists from Adobe. Product design students were provided with the Substance 3D Collection, and a base footwear model from On, and then used Substance 3D Painter, Sampler, and Stager to texture and render their models during a 3-day workshop. The students’ work blew us away so much that we worked with Mimaki to 3D print some of the shoe designs.


Take a look at our post on the Adobe blog, and the video below, to learn more.



Substance 3D on Behance


Again, we return to the major new Painter release this month. On the Substance 3D Behance page, we’re focusing on one feature in particular, how to Access 3D Assets Directly in Painter. Take a look-see.


3D Assets in Painter, Behance, rounded corners.png


Also, we revisit the outstanding work of Ronan Mahon. Last month we posted Simple Steps, Stunning Scenes: Substance 3D Assets in Motion Design. This month, we’re taking a deeper dive into how Ronan created this work, revealing some of his processes in The Making of Motion Design. Wanna see how Ronan did it? Find out here.




Tips for Portraiture with Substance 3D Modeler


We’ve just released an excellent tutorial packed with tips on sculpting a bust in Modeler, starting from sculpting the skeleton, then muscles, then skin and facial features. Start with Tips for Portraiture with Substance 3D Modeler; continue with Transfer your Substance Modeler Sculpt to a Base Mesh with Wrap



Featured Artist


This month we’re featuring the work of Rain Rouhani, a character artist in both 2D and 3D, as well as a CG generalist for animation and stylized games.


Rain, what’s the most important thing to keep in mind when creating a piece of artwork? Storytelling is key! I believe that the most crucial part of creating any artwork is the story behind it. By paying attention to the shape language and proportions and carefully selecting elements like colors, expressions, clothing, or even the posture of characters, we can evoke specific emotions in the viewer. Every detail has the potential to contribute to a narrative. A truly memorable artwork is one that moves us through its storytelling and makes us feel a certain way.



Can you talk about one of your favorite pieces of your artwork? Sound of Hope is a project that I had the pleasure of taking from my personal 2D concept all the way to a finished 3D piece. It is a story about the loneliness of a young jazz musician who wanders the streets of Paris with nothing but his trumpet for company. I was fortunate enough to use a variety of Adobe software such as Photoshop to refine the concept, After Effects to assemble my final renders and Substance 3D Painter to texture this entire scene. Using Substance 3D Painter on this project was incredibly useful since I was able to do quick iterations and establish the desired look very quickly.


What advice would you give to someone aspiring to become a 3D artist? Keep practicing and don't give up! Stay curious about the world around you and draw inspiration from everything you encounter. These observations will greatly enhance your 3D skills. Remember, talent is only meaningful when paired with dedication and practice.


Take a look at more of Rain's work right here!


And that’s all the news we have space for in May’s Community Digest. Keep creating, and let’s catch up again in June!








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