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Substance 3D Painter 8.3 is now live!

Adobe Employee ,
Jan 10, 2023 Jan 10, 2023

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Hello everybody! Today we released a new version of Substance 3D Painter which focuses on greatly improving the baking workflow.

Baking has always been a very technical process, hard to understand and for which it is difficult to fix errors and artifacts. In this version we wanted to make it easier for everybody to bake which is why we made a new interface alongside new tools to help investigate problems.


Top features of the release 

New baking mode 


The old baking window has been replaced by a dedicated mode with a lot of new features: 

  • Drawing of the implicit baking cage, which reacts in real-time to the Max Frontal Distance setting. 
  • Display of high-poly mesh in viewport, showing in red areas missed by the cage without the need to bake first. 
  • Highlight of hard edges without UV seams, which are easy to miss but often lead to artifacts. 

And many more! 


We also have a new video overview of the mode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYtHp4IXvsM


New import and export of USD files 


Universal Scene Definition (USD) files can now be imported in Painter, with a dedicated scope and variant selector. Importing USD files with subdivisions and animation (at a specific frame) is also possible. 

As for exporting, a USD file can be generated when exporting textures, either a new file or as a layer, making it easy to integrate in your workflow. 


Improved physical size support 


Substance materials with physical size can now be used with UV projection in fill layers. Additional settings have been added as well to use physical size by default when using materials. 




To see all these new features in detail, check out the full release notes: https://substance3d.adobe.com/documentation/spdoc/version-8-3-244777491.html








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