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Substance Painter refuses to bake normals on certain faces

New Here ,
Dec 05, 2022 Dec 05, 2022

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Hi I am university student and a starting 3D designer and after using Substance Painter 3D in my workflow for over a year I encountered a problem which seems illogical for me and I am unable to find a solution... I created a 3D model for my scene in Maya. Prepared it for baking texture maps (deleted history, possitioned it at cordinates 0;0;0, UV unwrapped), then I created a high poly version with smoothened edges for more natural look. Exported everything as FBX models and loaded it to Substance. After baking and changing settings of baking in Substance for best results I started inspection to verify if everything looks fine. It was not. For some reason Substance refuses to bake properly a Normal map on some edges of the polygons (look photos). I have never encoutered such problem. After this I tried all my magic tricks to bake these maps correctly. I gave low poly mesh more polygons, I tried to harden or soften edge before export. I remade UV map, made it higher resolution, averaged normals in Maya, even tried to inspect model by my self to find hidden faces inside or if normals are facing good direction, but everything looks fine... I have also baked Normal map in Maya and created cage file for Substance Painter and Normals map still looks bad...

I am desperate for solution as I am trying hard to make low poly models look good.

Attached files:
base.png - pedestal edge with baked maps, some edges are smooth others not due to incorrect normal map,
normal.png - pedestal edge normal map, here brighter colours indicate where edges from high-poly are baked and where not,
normal_with_marks.png - pedestal edge normal map with marked edges to show where smooth edges are baked and where not,
obeliskBig_super_low/low/high.fbs - exported object files,

Maps in photos are maps of obeliskBig_super_low object with high_poly version baked on it as high poly mesh.

Sorry for my English. I am not best at it.

Baking , Import & Export






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