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Substance painter will Crash PC when saving or changing texture resolution

New Here ,
Sep 11, 2022 Sep 11, 2022

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Hello there,


I've been facing the issue that substance painter will crash my computer ever since I upped the amount of RAM I have. This issue still occurs with the newly added RAM removed. 

I currently am using an 

NVIDIA RTX 3070 ti

AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 


600W PSU.

Windows 10

Up to date graphics drivers.


Currently It has crashed around 8 times and corrupted multiple saves, even if they werent saving at the time of the crash. 

It Predominately happens when I save or change the texture resolution. Usually it will just blank my screen and sound and go to the boot screen with my RGB lights still on. Shortly afterwards, altough once, with 32gb installed it went to the BSOD giving me the error code: 

Store Data Structure Corruption


What I've tried:
*removing the new RAM

*Texturing in Power saver mode

*Only texturing on one 4k UDIM

*Only texturing in 2k

*CMD "Sfc /Scannow) (came up without issues)

*RAM Diagnostics ( came up without issues aswell)

*Updating Drivers

*Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth


The Model itself lays at around 100k polygons with 2 UDIM's, at 128² and 4096² resolution (also happens in 2k) The file lays at around 5gigs as i got resources loaded into it and oddly enough, substance painter will barely use any system recourses, sometimes it uses 12-24% of my gpu but mostly it sits and barely anything, same with CPU which lays at 0.1-5% usually, according to the Task manager. 


I've spent a bit over a month just modelling the thing im working on and am now facing this wall and dont know how to continue texturing it with this inconvenience. 


I'll also link the corrupted SP file just in case:



It's probably also important to mention that i had a similar problem in blender a month ago where it would also just shut off my pc, though this only happened twice. 


I'll also update this  and post a solution if i find one in case someone else has this issue. 








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