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The biggest bugs or quality of life improvements have still not been met with Painter.

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Oct 22, 2021 Oct 22, 2021

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And I'm really starting to doubt Adobe will handle them anytime soon if at all.

Why is it that we've gone so long with the issues when selecting project configuration and updating our model. Like fixing an ngon or adding some better cuts make every mask just blow up or in some cases randomly revert and ruin the entire project. UV islands didn't move, mesh size didn't grow. Mindblowing this has never been addressed.

When painting on UVs, the brush size will blow up and affect other islands because you went to the edge of and island. Why can't there be an option to keep your brush on one island until you finish your click/stroke?

Why does symmetry not follow Brush Allignment rules like UV?

Am I safe to assume that this requires an overhaul on how the algorythm works in computing these paint strokes and that it's too expensive a task for the giant Adobe to ever fix? Makes me glad that Pixologic has remained it's own entity and is constantly innovating and changing their program adding real improvement.

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