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UI issue/ color scheme

New Here ,
Dec 17, 2021 Dec 17, 2021

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Guys, I don't know who came with this idea, but for the last month I'm trying to get used to the new color scheme, which was changed after Substance become Adobe Substance. 
I'll try to explain. Just look on this screenshot and try to tell which channels is active now? 
I suppose that if someone who designed this color scheme will look on that- he could give me the answer easily, but for the most other people- more darker buttons feels like pressed buttons. And grey buttons feels like inactive. You have the opposite now. Yeah there is white outline around the active buttons, but it doesn't help at all. Just compare it with what you had in previous versions 

Same channels active as on previous screen, but you can see it immediately!
You have the same in Photoshop for example. Active buttons way more darker (brush icon and "image" button)


If we go back to the latest Painter- just look what happens when you try to hover your cursor on something:
1) Inactive

2) I'm hovering  "normal"
it becomes slightly darker. Maybe it's hard to tell on screenshot, but it is. But then you have dropdown menu and guess where is my cursor right now?


My cursor hovered on the "Height". WHY now it's become brighter? Could you please explain? 
Compare it with previous version or with most of other softwares where you have to press buttons... Everything that you hover on, or press- become always darker! Or starts to shine with completely different color so you can understand that it's now active. Sure there is softwares with dark theme and it highlight button that you want to press, but after you press it- buttons become dark, or colored to some completely different color and not to the color of background  on this menu. 
But thanks at least that layers still works ok and if you select it- it's darker, than other layers and has very bright outline. 


This awkward decision just messing with our brains and it's so uncomfortable to work because of that! 
Please do something with that. If you want to keep active buttons brighter than inactive, then please at least change something to make they look diverse from the background and consistent everywhere. Because now it feels like random. Sometimes active buttons light grey, sometimes dark grey... 
Maybe at least bring back blue outline for the buttons and I'm sure it will help a lot! 










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