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[Feature Request] Renaming UV tiles

Community Beginner ,
Sep 22, 2023 Sep 22, 2023

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Hello Substance peeps,


I would like to request for a feature to rename your UV tiles while using the UDIM workflow. Maybe this is something that is already in the works or being discussed but here is a situation I am running into right now.


In production for characters, we are currently using UDIM workflow for head and body.

Right now, this is the best approach to eliminating seamline between the head and the body, rather than assigning the different material to each body and head and constantly jumping between texture sets.


While exporting, it would always just be $ExportPresetName and $ExportPresetName_1.


This makes it impossible to overwrite the texture file linked to the engine. (e.g. Character_Head_01, Character_Body_01). So every iteration I make needs to be manually renamed or resaved into the engine somehow. I understand that this can somewhat be avoided on the engine side to just use the file spit out by painter but for clarity sake this would be tremendously helpful.

Ideally this ability to rename your UV tiles from 1001, 1002, etc would also allow us to set them in export preset. (e.g. $TextureSet_(.$udim) would become Character_Head and Character_Body)

If this is already in the works, please let me know and I'll be eagerly awaiting for it 😄
Thank you!

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