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Please add 'Duplicate Asset' command to Asset Browser

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Feb 01, 2023 Feb 01, 2023

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Many times I bake an Ambient Occlusion texture, add it to a fill layer (multiply) and then edit it with a paint layer on top. Sometimes, I bake it again to create better lighting in a different area. At the moment to keep the first baked AO texture, I have to export it out as a texture and then import it back in, then replace it in the fill layer and finally bake the new texture.


Please Adobe, could you add the ability so that I may right click on assets like this in the asset browser and select "Duplicate Asset" so that I can just keep the original asset. Perhaps even allow me to rename it while duplicating and replacing all references in the layer stack so that they point to this new asset.


This way I am free to rebake the AO. All while staying inside Substance Painter.


Alternatively, allow me to name the outputs of the bakes so that I can name them AO-Version1, 2 etc


Thank you.

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