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Substance 3D Sampler 4.0.2 is now available!

Adobe Employee ,
Mar 09, 2023 Mar 09, 2023

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This release fixes issues on 3D Capture and adds scripting support for the 3D Capture.
4.0.2 Banana

(Released: March 09, 2023)


  • [3D Capture] Disk usage shows the amount used
  • [3D Capture] Importing photos is asynchronous and faster
  • [Scripting] New classes and functions to script the 3D Capture feature
  • [Scripting] New ExportController class to perform actions when the export is finished, failed or canceled
  • [Scripting] Pass arguments python scripts run with --run-script
  • [UI] UI feedback when dragging an asset over the Layers panel
  • [Content] Color temperature filter is now working on materials
  • [Content] Normal to Height filters has a new option to preserve tiling


  • [3D Capture] Corrected image size in dataset alignment step
  • [3D Capture] Remove duplicate vertices after UV unwrapping
  • [3D Capture] MacOS - Better detection if 3D Capture is available
  • [3D Capture] Crash when closing the 3D capture window while importing images
  • [3D Capture] Crash when generating a new version
  • [3D Capture] Crash when trying to load the 3D object in the viewer
  • [3D Capture] Crash when using path with non UTF8 characters
  • [3D Capture] Hits & Tips typo
  • [3D Capture] Meshes are no longer scaled to fit into unit cube
  • [3D Capture] Prevent a crash when closing 3D capture while rendering
  • [3D Capture] Removing a mask makes the image disappear
  • [Application] Crash when importing twice an asset simultaneously
  • [Application] Backup previous version of assets when opening a project if they were never back-up
  • [Application] Correctly cache baked maps when not all maps are baked
  • [Application] Fullscreen crashes when a 3D object is displayed.
  • [Application] Last material is duplicated when saving the project
  • [Application] Prevent crash when cancelling the Mesh Post processing compute during the baking step
  • [Application] Reopening current project does not discard changes
  • [Application] Stop generating thumbnails for 3D objects
  • [2D View] Crash when use the brush tool
  • [Content] Content Aware Fill - computation may stuck
  • [Content] Atlas Creator filter is downscaling the Opacity channel
  • [Export] Fix clear Failed exports queue
  • [Export] OBJ export creates object 100 times smaller than expected
  • [Layers] Color images imported as grayscale channels are now considered grayscale
  • [Export] FBX files cannot be imported in third party applications
  • [Export] Shader output names in USD files are not correct
  • [Layers] Image name is not updated when changing its name on the OS explorer
  • [Scripting] Display an error message when reloading an invalid script
  • [UI] Base material button disabled when not available
  • [UI] Crash when accessing the file dialog on the Material Creation Template Window
  • [UI] Quick accessor is accessible even when the Layers panel is closed
  • [UI] Send to icons are misaligned
  • [UI] The layer icon changes when clicking on the Blend icon

Known Issues:

  • [Color Picker] Picking a color on a second monitor with a different resolution may not work
  • [Content] Shape light widget is not working in spherical projection mode
  • [Interoperability] Material with displacement sent to Stager will lose displacement controls






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