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3D Objects from Illustrator - Looks like you *cannot* edit them in 3D Stager

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Feb 22, 2023 Feb 22, 2023

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I've figured out how to import an .obj file from Illustrator into 3D Stager,

however, once the very simple obect is inside 3D Stager, I cannot edit any part of the oject.

All I wanted to do is extrude the object a little bit less, but there are NO options to do so.

Any help is appreciated, thank you ! 

( Am I exporting the 3D object from Illustrator incorrectly ? ) ( by the way, I extruded the shape in Illustrator

using the new 3D panel and then chose to export it as an .obj )


*** I TRIED TO DELETE this original post, because I figured out how to import Illustrator files into Stager 3D ) and so changed the title, but I wanted to delete this post and don't see how. ( I have asked the question again with a new title as my question changed )






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