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Team Project Questions....

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Apr 27, 2023 Apr 27, 2023

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Long time Premiere Editor here and I finally have begun using the team projects feature as it is now a free part of CC instead of a paid add-on. My team decided to give it a go for a 90 min project between myself and two other editors. We are all remote and this seemed like a good use case. From what I've read its mostly reccomended for editors working on something around ~30 min long, so I'm still a bit wary of trying this on a huge project. Productions wasn't really a good fit since we don't have reliable shared storage and swapping project files around seemed like a lot of overhead. 


Was wondering if anyone could share their expeirence with Team Projects and any pitfalls or suggestions they might have for using the feature. Sort of list of do's and don'ts. Tagging @R Neil Haugenas I think he has used it a lot.    


Some of my questions: 


  1. Can you publish too much? Should the strategy be to publish early and often or is it better to publsih only after significant amounts of change of occured? Is suppose it will clutter up the version history if you have 100 changes a day, but will the system bog down in some way or hit some upper limit of versions?


2. I saw that you can link together mutliple team projects. I would like to know more about this use case as this project grows out. Currently we have 20 - 30 seqeunces in this project for selects and the like and I've heard that heavy projects can bog down badly, but we haven't had any real isseus so far. 


3. After Effects. I think for this job we are trying to avoid dynamic link as much as possible, and render out animation to a 4444 file.  Can you add external .AEP files to the team project and have them become part of it, or do all the AE files have to start in the Team Project? I've heard that AE files can be pretty heavy on the database so is that the use case where you would want a separate team project so those changes aren't always being asessed? How does that work exactly. How do you bring linked team project files into a main edit / project? 


4. Presence indicators / Sequences locking 

I feel like they are not working. I can see my team as being online, but there are no sequences that are being marked as edited. Ona few occasions I have opened a seqeunce that they have opened (but wasn't marked or labeled read only by TP) and then a bunch of duplicate sequences are and it gets in an awkward state fast. 






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