Premiere Pro and AE Team project issues

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Dec 08, 2017

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I have started a Team project on a new video from an existing series of videos I have been working on for awhile.  I did this because we have multiple people working on these videos and I thought a team project would be great way to help with our workflow. Boy was I wrong.  Why can't I import in already made comps from an older AE project that I want to reuse again in Pr team Project?  I have bumpers I made for each video that I just need to switch out logos and send to the project but Team projects will not let me do this. I even opened up a A Eproject as the team project and it still did not update correctly in Premiere pro.  How can I bring in old AE Comps into a team project?  Was this thought out before hand or does team projects only work with a brand new project that are not going to use anything from existing project?  Also have had many sync issues with it as well.  Any help would be great. Also Dynamic link does not work the same way in a team project like a regular project.  It is kind of sucks. 







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