Team project ingesting footage error while creating proxy to CC file folders

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Dec 20, 2018

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I keep getting an error:

"An error was encountered while writing the output file. The output destination could not be found. Check that the output directory still exists. If the output directory is on a network or external device, check that the connection is active."

The setup for my ingestion is as follows for my team project setup: I have it save a copy to my external hard drive and then save a proxy to the preset 'creative cloud'.

But when I insert a clip into premiere it saves a copy to external HD (no problem there), but while making the proxy it errors, because it can't access the drive.

The silly thing is, if I change that setting from the built in preset 'creative cloud' to use the browser and find the exact same folder in creative cloud, it seems to work fine.  This is odd.

I am figuring it has an issue with my creative cloud being on a different drive (G drive) rather than being in the default C drive and the code is looking for a wrong drive.

Anyone else have this issue or is it just me?







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