Team Projects BETA: Cloud Media Sharing Now Available!

Adobe Employee ,
May 05, 2020

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Hi Team Projects community - 

We have added new functionality to Team Projects in Premiere Pro beta, which allows you to share media with your collaborators using cloud-synced directories like Creative Cloud or Dropbox. Google Drive and other cloud providers may not work. As long as you have shared the storage location of your media with your collaborators, they will be able to use and contribute to the cloud-shared media in your Team Project, from within Premiere Pro & After Effects. You can find and install the Premiere Pro beta builds from your Creative Cloud desktop app - just click on "beta apps" in the lefthand nav to see beta builds to install. You can install beta builds side-by-side with shipping versions with no issues or conflicts.


For Creative Cloud a directory can be shared though and for Dropbox it can be either shared through  or DropBox app. All collaborators should have edit permissions on selected directory as shared folder and File Syncing should be turned ON in Creative Cloud Desktop App for all collaborators.


Click on 'New Team Project' . In new Team Team Project dialog, there is a new entry for Media.


Enable the copy media setting by clicking the checkbox for 'Copy all media to a shared location'. Once checked, the text box to enter shared folder path and browse button gets enabled. User can select shared folder by either way. Click OK to create the new Team Project. User can select any folder as a shared folder for Team Project in copy media settings. Add collaborators to Team Project and they all shall have access to this folder so they can see media as online. If the shared folder is inaccessible or does not have write permissions, warning messages will be displayed in event panel.


Import new media into Team Project.  As the media is imported, Premiere Pro will start copying it to shared folder specified in Team Project settings. User can monitor(pause/resume/stop) job in Progress Panel(Windows>Progress). Media imported from local disk or any location other shared folder will be copied to shared folder. Media is copied with complete folder hierarchy.


The new feature takes care of de-duplication i.e. if same media is imported multiple times by same/different collaborators from same location(hierarchy path), it will be only copied once to shared folder. For all consecutive imports for same media, no copy job will be triggered.


You can toggle/update copy media settings any time by navigating to 'File>Team Project Settings>. Any change in setting will only impact new imports. Existing as well as in progress imports will remain non-impacted by new setting. Any change in Copy Media Settings will trigger a share and will need to be shared across collaborators similar to existing Team Project settings.


Do not use Ingest Settings and enable Copy Media feature in same Team Project. Enabling both settings for same Team Project will create two copies and media will reference to the latest copy created.

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