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My first two attempts with Adobe Fresco on a Wacom MobileStudio Pro

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Nov 19, 2019 Nov 19, 2019

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I began experimenting with Adobe Fresco not too long ago and I thought I would to a little show and tell.


The first image below, was simply to get to know Fresco.  I wanted to explore Live Brushes and Masking.  I also was able to import a picture of my Whippet (Roo).  It was really fun learning Fresco and experimenting with the various tools and brushes.

NOTE: This is not my normal style... but just an attempt to learn the various tools.


First attempt with Adobe Fresco!First attempt with Adobe Fresco!


For my second go, I decided to create something that is similar to what I would create in Illustrator.  So... I created fan art based on Tiny from Gearbox Software's game Borderlands 3.  I really love working on character art.



When I create characters in Illustrator, I work as a reverse graffiti artist.  This means I create the line art first and then duplicate it.  Then I fill in the lower layer, I fill in the solid colors using Live Paint.  Then between the color layer and the line art... I add highlights and shadows.  With this piece, I only had time to work on the solid colors.  I can always go back and shadows and highlights or texture later.




What I liked about Fresco was the ability to fill in the solid colors quickly.  With Illustrator, I always have to make sure that the line art is expanded before turning on Live Paint.  So, Fresco saved me a lot of time in that regard.


The other cool thing... is that when you open Photoshop, you automatically see your Fresco project.  And when you open it in Photoshop all the layers are there!!!! So you can adjust things and add things to it.  Then when you open up again in Fresco all the changes and layers are intact.  This is also really cool. 


I think Fresco is a great tool for those interested in learning digital painting, so I could see it being used in educational settings.  As the app evolves, I think it will become a really fun tool for all!






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